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Solviva Tribal Rugs

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Solviva Tribal Rugs

Exquisite old Persian Tribal Rugs are now available in our new gallery, hanging on the walls and covering the floors in sorted piles - small, medium and larger area rugs and runners - stunningly beautiful, glowing with silky sheen, soft deep rich colors and intricate patterns.

Most of them were made several generations ago by the nomadic tribal people in the mountains of Persia (now Iran), back when they still lived in accordance with their culture, going back more than 2000 years. Everything was made by hand, with great skill, love and exquisite deep artistic sensitivity. The whole family, young and old, all collaborating through the whole process from sheep, plants, clays, water, fire, and love. And after many hundreds of hours, a new masterpiece is completed, to live and be loved in one home after another over the following many generations. And now these glorious works of art are here, in the Solviva Tribal Rugs Gallery, and from here they will continue to be passed on to many more generations.

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